digital transformation in the rural world: making farming smart and sustainable


Rural areas represent a living infrastructure that provides important services such as agriculture and food production, connectivity and reducing the impacts caused by cities, among others. That’s why we need to protect, modernise and use it to our advantage so that it works in the interests of the circular economy and fight against climate change.

At everis Ingeniería, we are striving to meet this object and as such, provide consultancy, project development and technology implementation services that promote using the rural environment sustainably, responsibly and respectfully.

Main Activities

Transforming the rural world

During recent years, the rural world has experienced significant changes adapting in response to the new challenges it faces. To continue in this direction, intelligent services -smart, interconnected and sustainable processes- must be developed, which the rural world requires on a processing, rendering and economic development level.


  • Advanced Geographic Information Systems. Cloud solutions for the intelligent, sustainable and innovative management of the territory. Payment for use.

  • Intelligent territories:
    • Sustainable and digital transformation of rural environments and the outskirts of large cities. Smart planning – IoT.
    • Circular economy projects and strategies.
    • Climate change: climate change adaptation and mitigation, low-carbon economy and climate funding plans.
    • Integrated farm and environment management platforms.
    • Natural capital and biodiversity fund studies.
    • New territorial planning.

Intelligent farming

The agricultural sector is experiencing a fourth technological revolution. Smart farms generate more and more data about their lands and crops, which in turn is valuable for its technical management, guaranteeing better productivity rates and precision.

At everis Ingeniería, we strive to generate value throughout the new agricultural models’ process by optimising production, employing smart, sustainable farm management and improving profit margins and farmers’ working conditions.


  • Intelligent farming:
    • Agriculture and food technology transformation planning.
    • Smart, precise farming.
    • Agricultural production management and advanced farming system platforms. Agri-environmental monitoring.
    • Agricultural big data and Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the cloud.
  • Efficient, sustainable farming:
    • Green funding and climate change adaptation and mitigation plans.
    • Energy and water efficiency projects and energy and environmental services.
    • Agri-food products’ life cycle and eco-labelling analysis.
    • Distributed energy generation and circular economy from agricultural and livestock waste (waste 2 energy).
  • Intelligent greenhouses:
    • Algorithm-based crop management. Applying big data to variable control.
    • Greenhouse automation and remote management.
    • Integrated farm management and advanced farming system platforms.
    • Eco-greenhouse design.
    • Advanced desalination and water treatment systems.
    • Energy recovery and efficiency in greenhouses.

Intelligent agri-food industry

Environments are increasingly interconnected meaning that more importance is given to values such as transparency, health benefits and information on products intended for consumption. As such, those companies that can guarantee raw material and product traceability, reduce inefficiencies and costs, communicate their commitment to sustainable processes and improve customer experiences and satisfaction will be better positioned to compete in an increasingly diversified and demanding market.

At everis Ingeniería we are specialists in the agri-food sector, developing technology from the sector and for the sector.


  • Intelligent industry and technological services:
    • Industry technology and digital renewal plans.
    • Energy and environmental BOT (Building, Operation and Transfer) services.
    • Software as a Service (SaaS): mobility, food logistics, geolocation and advanced GIS for production and distribution.
    • Food traceability systems (based on blockchain technology) and support in food quality and safety certification.
    • Carbon and natural capital trading transactional environments based on blockchain technology.
  • Sustainable agri-food industry:
    • Life cycle analysis, eco-labelling and automation programs.
    • Energy and water efficiency projects.
    • Industrial ecology and sustainability.
    • Distributed energy generation projects (photovoltain, waste 2 energy).
    • Circular economy programs for the agri-food industry.

Contact for the Agrotech Area

Ángel Teso

Assistant managing director of everis Ingeniería

Ángel is the Assistant Managing Director of everis Ingeniería, where he started working in 2010. He is responsible for Cities and Agrotech areas of the everis Group company. He holds a PhD in Agronomic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and has spent his professional career working in the fields of agriculture, energy and sustainability.

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