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Protecting and preserving environmental capital is one of the principles of everis Ingeniería, and that is why these activities have become one of the main lines of business of our entity.

We have a wide range of consulting and engineering services aimed to solve any environmental procedure that our clients require, whether they are companies, industries or public administrations. In addition, we have technological solutions for environmental monitoring and management.

Main Activities

Planning of the territory and natural resources

Our main activity in this area focuses on technical advice to public, national and international entities and private companies in the field of natural resources and territorial administration through the implementation of management tools, territorial administration and planning of protected natural areas and spaces. Besides, we carry out fluvial corridors administration projects, sustainable forest management, development of indicators and sustainability systems, and landscape and hydrological-forestry restoration with the consequent territorial and environmental studies and analysis.

To achieve these tasks we have the support of GIS tools (Geographic Information System), big data applications and unmanned vehicles.


  • Territorial plans to regulate uses and activities.
  • Management plans.
  • Administration plans in protected areas (delimitation of areas of high ecological value and areas of compatible uses, regulations and actions to be applied in each area, etc.).
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Regional defense plans against forest fires (zoning according to the danger of ignition, firebreaks, reforestation with resistant species, clearing and pruning, allocation of human resources, etc.).
  • Promotion plans for public use.
  • Landscape studies using 3D simulations.
  • River restoration projects.
  • Port Master Plans.
  • Administration, conditioning and restoration of coastal spaces.
  • Mountain management plans, pasture improvement projects, reforestation, erosion rates calculation, drafting of technical plans for hunting and fishing regulations, phytosanitary engineering projects and management of forestry works.

Environmental evaluation

Our work in this field integrates all the environmental technical assistance to public and private regional, national and international entities in matters of environmental assessment and management. We solve and expedite any regulated environmental procedure, environmental consultation or procedure that requires the development of plans, projects, programs or activities undertaken by our clients.

Plans strategic environmental assessment (SEA)


  • Sectoral plans, urban plans, etc.

Project environmental impact assessment (EIA)


  • Initial documentation
  • Environmental project report.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Assistance to public information processes and allegations reports.
  • Environmental integration annex.
  • Waste management annex.
  • Environmental studies: activities affecting Natura Network, protected areas.
  • Environmental study of alternatives.
  • Fauna studies.
  • Vegetation studies.
  • Noise studies.

Environmental monitoring of works: control, supervision and execution

This service includes the supervision and environmental control of the construction and exploitation of works in different areas, from transport, hydraulic or airport infrastructures to others such as power lines, plants and industrial parks, etc.

Our team, expert in different environmental disciplines, performs archaeological, acoustic and fauna monitoring, revegetation control, water resources and soil monitoring, and global monitoring of the effectiveness of protective, corrective and compensatory measures. Our work also involves continuous advice to the works management.


  • Corrective measures follow-up.
  • Environmental monitoring program follow-up.
  • Projects of compensatory measures.
  • Analysis of environmental parameters: water, air and noise quality.
  • Specialized advice

Evaluation of the state and ecological potential of water

Achieving an adequate ecological status of rivers, lakes and reservoirs is an obligation imposed by the European Union.

Currently, measurement systems are subject to a process of constant change and evolution, so that the assessment of the parameters is a complex process. The evaluation of the same is done through biological, physicochemical and hydromorphological indicators.

In everis Ingeniería, we have first level experts in the process of evaluating the state of the aquatic environment, being a reference entity in both field (sampling) and cabinet tasks (application of indexes and interpretation of results).

Studies of pressures and impacts. Water quality.

Studies of pressures and impacts represent a fundamental tool for achieving the environmental objectives of rivers, lakes and reservoirs in relation to their status and potential.

In everis Ingeniería, we carry out this type of analysis, which include tasks such as the sampling of discharges, the identification and evaluation of mixing zones, the estimation of diffuse contamination, the elaboration of maps of uses of biocides and the modeling of water quality, among others.

Ecological flows

The regime of flows that a river must carry to continue functioning as such is what we know as ecological flow. To determine this, it is necessary to study the flows that should naturally circulate along the channel (hydrological methods) and the needs of fish and riverside vegetation (hydrobiological methods).

The examination of the ecological flows implies, in addition to the evaluation of the minimum flows, to calculate the avenues, the artificial maximums allowed, and even, the rates of change of a flow to another that the fauna present in the river admits.

At everis Ingeniería, we have qualified professionals with extensive experience in this field who are responsible for carrying out all these studies in order to determine the state of the rivers and propose measures that help their conservation and the preservation of the species that inhabit them.

Ichthyofauna, fish habitat and administration plans

Fish are one of the most important components of aquatic fauna and, therefore, also of the aquatic ecosystem. That is why at everis Ingeniería we work to know in depth their populations and if the habitat in which they live is adequate, which helps us in the diagnosis and search for solutions for the various problems that may affect the different specimens of an aquatic ecosystem.


  • Determination of fish populations in rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

  • Preparation of fishing administration plans.
  • Characterization of spawning areas.
  • Diagnosis and prediction of fish mortalities.
  • Distribution of fish species.
  • Hydrobiological studies (conservation) and evaluation of the passability of the obstacles.
  • Analysis, design of fish steps and monitoring of effectiveness.

R&D; AND INNOVATION Detection of species through environmental DNA

With the aim of advancing in the knowledge and improvement of aquatic ecosystems, the aquatic ecology division of the environmental area of ​​everis Ingeniería has begun to work with the latest and most innovative tool in early detection of species. It is the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) for the location, detection and monitoring of the different target species.

This tool is very useful when verifying the presence of species in danger of extinction or of undesirable varieties (invasive), because it simplifies the field work that traditionally comes with these studies and allows to get an in situ assessment.


  • Determination of the presence of target species through the examination of water.
  • eDNA analysis in the field.
  • Advice to entities and companies in the application of the methodology. It includes the elaboration of primers of the client’s target species.
  • Distribution of equipment.
  • Creation of new markers and initiators distribution.

River restoration

The restoration of rivers is a highly specialized discipline that requires the participation of a wide panel of different professionals to correct the impacts produced by man in river currents, lakes and reservoirs.

Our technicians have collaborated with the administration since the implementation of the National Strategy of River Restoration (set of actions whose purpose is to preserve and recover the good condition of the rivers of our country, minimize the risks of flooding, enhance their cultural heritage, promote the rational use of the fluvial space and the sustainable development of the rural environment), having participated in this way in some of the most outstanding projects of our country in this area.


  • Improvement of longitudinal connectivity of riverside vegetation.
  • Improvement of water quality.
  • Management of flood zones.
  • Improvement of fluvial permeability.
  • Promotion of the public use of these spaces.

Contact for the Environment Area

Luis Ortega

Director of the Environmental, Water and Aquaculture Areas

Luis is director of the Environmental, Water and Aquaculture Areas of everis Ingeniería, a company he joined in 2015. Road, Canal and Port Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and MBA from the George Washington University, Luis has developed his career in the field of environmental engineering as a technician, adviser and collaborator of private companies and professional associations.

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