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Planning of the water resources is fundamental to ensure its supply, quality and environmental protection. In everis Ingeniería, we use technology as a key ally to guarantee efficiency and sustainable management of a scarce resource such as water.

We carry out hydraulic engineering services that allow the optimization of infrastructures, from their design and construction to their operation. Besides, we have innovating technological solutions that facilitate the management of hydraulic systems (supply, portability, treatment, fluvial engineering, etc.

In addition to this activities, we also have SWALERT development, a tool designed to guarantee the security in the process of drinking water supply through the use of the most advanced technology applied to the field of urban water supply.

Main Activities

Water technology

In this field, we have innovative solutions that facilitate every aspect of the operation of hydraulic systems of different types (supply, sanitation, water treatment, etc.)


  • Sectorisation and leak detection.
  • Protection of vulnerable critical infrastructures.

  • Identification of consumption patterns.

Water resources planning and management

Planning is a fundamental tool in the hands of the manager to ensure the availability of the resource and protection of the environment. At everis Ingeniería, we have a professional team with extensive experience in the planning of water resources at an international level.

We focus on guaranteeing the resource, its sustainability over time and the efficiency in its use from all points of view.


  • Risk plans.
  • Identification of consumption patterns.
  • Hydraulic resources plan.

Hydraulic engineering

In everis Ingeniería, we believe that hydraulic engineering is a fundamental tool for optimizing infrastructure. That is why part of our activity takes place in this area, in which we provide services that involve all phases of the process, from design and execution to operation.

For this, we have a team of enormous experience and prestige in the areas of fluvial engineering and design of hydraulic infrastructures, such as dams, pipelines and water treatment plants.


  • Management of sludge and reservoirs.
  • Design of dams and pipes.
  • Water treatment plants.

Urban water management

We contribute to efficiency in urban water management by applying our experience and our own technological tools in advising our clients.

We develop the entire service catalog, from the strategic planning to advise on the optimization of management. In addition, we have our own development tools for the location of leaks, the analysis of unaccounted-for water and the examination of the water supply quality.


  • Strategic plans.
  • Master plans.
  • Technological development plans.
  • Concession consulting.
  • Location of leaks and unaccounted-for water.
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Optimization of pressures

Contact for the Water Area

Pedro Luis Peñalver

Manager of the Water Department

Pedro is the manager of the Water Department of everis Ingeniería, a team he joined in 2013. Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Pedro is a specialist in business unit management, project development, hydraulic works management and teams management.

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