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At everis Ingeniería, we develop our activity for energy management under the name of exeleria, offering services in the fields of energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy.

We work to help clients throughout the process towards efficiency, from the optimization in the contracting of supplies and the performance of energy audits to obtain maximum savings until the implementation and execution of the measures detected related to the reduction of consumption, improvement of energy efficiency and application of renewable energies. In this regard, we give special importance to the measurement and verification of savings in the facilities of our customers, as well as the implementation of energy management systems based on the ISO50001 regulation.

We also offer ESC (Energy Services Company) type investment projects in all their phases, from the design and engineering of efficiency solutions to installation, replacement, operation and maintenance on a turnkey basis.

Main Activities

Energy consulting

Comprehensive energy management

With this service we seek to optimize, from the beginning and through a system of continuous improvement, the energy supplies of our customers.

Services comprising the energy management process:

  • Initial diagnosis of supplies contracting based on the analysis of invoices and contracts. Definition of the optimal contracting model.

  • Calculation of potential savings and support in contracting supplies and purchasing energy.
  • Implementation of real time monitoring equipment to determine inefficiencies in consumption habits. Definition of an ad hoc control panel for the client. Definition of KPIs and action protocols.
  • Analysis of results and justification of the savings achieved.

This service is carried out, normally, on a success fee, without initial cost for the client, basing the exeleria fees in a percentage of the total of savings achieved.

Comprehensive energy audit

We work to get the operating pattern of the buildings and facilities of our clients and perform their energy accounting, which allows us to have a detailed knowledge of the functioning and operation of the infrastructures. This development is supported, in many occasions, by carrying out energy simulations, for which we use internationally recognized programs.

With this information we determine both the energy consumed in each process or system and the way in which it is consumed, which allows us to propose Energy Saving Measures (ESM) that, once evaluated and implemented, reduce consumption and improve efficiency and energy costs of the installation.

Our energy audits are carried out under the UNE-EN 16247 quality standard.

In exeleria, we have professionals specialized in the preparation of energy audits, whose savings obtained we verify according to the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol), methodology defined by EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization).

In addition, we carry out energy certifications and building registration according to R.D. 235/2013 with the established official procedures: HULC, CE3X, CE3.

We also have extensive experience in the study of renewable energy facilities such as biomass, photovoltaic and thermal centrals, in which we provide the following services:

  • New facilities feasibility studies (thermal utilisation, logistics, etc.).
  • Turnkey installation projects.
  • Energy management under the ESC model.

Energy consulting

In this area, our activity is fundamentally focused on the development of studies and technical analysis of energy for our clients, belonging to both the public and private spheres:

  • Analysis of feasibility of alternative energy solutions.
  • Evaluation of offers and hiring recommendations.
  • Energy efficiency master plans and energy planning projects.
  • European projects
  • Subsidies management.

In addition, we advise our clients in the drafting of specifications and the evaluation of offers of ESC type contracts.

Specific mention deserves the implementation service of ISO 50001:2011 Regulation that we provide, which guarantees companies a continuous improvement in the Energy Management System (EnMS) and its use, and that includes the following developments:

  • Energy analysis of the installation according to the UNE-EN 16247 regulation.
  • Preparation of the consumption baseline.
  • Development of procedures.
  • Implementation of the regulation.
  • Development of annual internal audits and possibility of accompaniment in external audits.

ESC type investment projects

In exeleria, we develop ESC type investment projects, from the design and engineering of efficiency solutions to the installation, replacement, operation and maintenance of equipment under a turnkey model.

This type of services bring many advantages to our customers, especially those referring to management, energy efficiency and economic and environmental benefits.


exeleria, as an Energy Services Company, founded in 2010, along with three other entities, the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NAESC). Since then, we have developed this activity focused on both public and private clients.

In this area, in which our team has technical knowledge and extensive experience, we offer ad hoc solutions for each client, helping them to implement protocols to optimize their consumption.

Without budgetary or technological limitations, we study without compromise those projects likely to fit into the scheme of the Energy Service Company.

Contact for the Energy Area

Miguel Ángel Casas

Director of the Energy Area

Miguel Angel is the director of the Energy Area of everis Ingeniería, an entity he joined in 2014. Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and MBA, Miguel Angel is a specialist in the execution of civil works, operations management, and drafting, planning and management of projects and teams.

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