Aquaculture and Aquariums

the industry of the future for sea sustainability

Aquaculture and Aquariums

In 2050 world population will reach 9.6 billion people. Feeding humanity in a sustainable way in the future is a challenge in which everis Ingeniería is involved from its aquaculture area.

Our services range from the technical and economic feasibility of an aquaculture project to the design, construction, set up and operation of an aquatic species production plant.  Besides, we work hard to turn aquaculture into a modern industry applying leading technologies such as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are creating aquaculture 4.0.

Main Activities


We carry out technical and economic consulting and feasibility studies, for the development of projects of new construction or remodeling of on-land aquaculture plants.

Economic feasibility studies:

We analyze the capital investment needed to develop the project.


  • Estimation of the total investment cost: construction, land, equipment, etc.
  • Calculation of plant production costs: electricity, feeding, oxygen, etc.
  • Quantification of the recovery of investment in time and annual profitability.

Technical feasibility studies:

The success of an aquaculture production project depends on many factors that require a careful analysis.


  • Determination of the most adequate species according to the production cycle.
  • Development of the basic engineering project: technical report, plans and budget.
  • Analysis and management of the administrative needs to be able to carry out the project: land concessions, cultivation authorization and support on subsidies search.

Plant engineering

At everis Ingeniería we focus our activity on the aquaculture area in the development of land production plants. We carry out construction design, execution of works and setting up of industrial aquaculture facilities for any phase of the cultivation process: hatchery, nursery and growth.

Our engineering team, with years of experience in installations design, continues to innovate to offer our clients the most profitable production systems in the sector.

For a more integral service, we offer the possibility of operating and maintaining the plant for an agreed period. Likewise, we train the plant personnel in the operation of the same for greater autonomy in its management.

Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

The Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) that we design at everis Ingeniería allow our clients to produce fish with a minimum of water consumption and impact on the environment.

Operating in a closed circuit system has some interesting advantages over conventional production systems:

  • Biosecurity: it is a barrier against contaminants and external pathogens that can affect the production of the plant, because the RAS system has a series of filters that sanitize the water.

  • Complete control: the recirculation guarantees the cleanness of the water and the optimal sanitary state of the individuals, diminishing the risk of diseases.
  • Maximization of growth and quality: the ability to adjust production conditions to the best for each species allows optimal growth ratios.
  • Environmental responsibility: discharges to the sea lack any harmful component, as the water has been properly filtered and purified.
  • Flexibility in location: the production can be placed in advantageous places.
  • Production planning: by not depending on the conditions of the natural environment, production can be planned in the most beneficial periods for the producer, having nothing to do with natural conditions.

Aquaculture 4.0

In a world where the industry is increasingly achieving a higher level of interconnection and technological progress, aquaculture continues to be an activity that has not developed all of its potential At everis Ingeniería we believe in the importance of aquaculture for the development of the worldwide food industry, and therefore we invest our efforts in creating a modern, technological, efficient and sustainable aquaculture: aquaculture 4.0.

Following the example of industry 4.0, we look for the way to apply the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to aquaculture production to achieve better levels of efficiency, profitability and resource savings.


  • Use of blockchain technology for the traceability of high-value fishery products.
  • Use of big data to optimize production in aquaculture facilities.
  • Deep learning techniques for biomass estimation in aquaculture cages.
  • Use of the Internet of Things for the modernization of the control systems of aquaculture plants.

Big Aquariums

Taking advantage of all the knowledge acquired in the water treatment line, we created an area dedicated to aquarium engineering. We offer a wide variety of services that include technical as well as aesthetic and educational aspects.


  • Technical design and structure: We bet on the use of lightweight resistant materials. We emphasize the use of methacrylate in the viewing windows of aquariums, obtaining better results than classic glass constructions.

  • Filtration systems: Keeping the water of an aquarium in optimal conditions, is essential for its success. We design and build the highest quality filtration systems for any volume of water.
  • Clasification by theme: One of our core values is the ability to classify the aquarium by theme, so we can adapt it in the best way possible to the biotope to be reproduced. We craft decorative pieces such as rocks, corals or algae to represent the desired marine environment accurately.
  • Educational planning: All of our projects are focussed on creating the best possible learning and leisure experience for the aquarium visitors. We have the ability to design the aquarium taking into account its desired pedagogical function, which provides an important added value to this type of infrastructure.
  • Construction: We take care of managing the execution and perform facultative management tasks in all the works of the aquariums that we design.

Contact for the Aquaculture and Aquariums Area

María del Carmen Oliva

Director of the Aquaculture Area

Carmen is the director of the Aquaculture Area of everis Ingeniería, a team she joined in 2017 after more than nine years as a consultant in the everis Group. Agronomy Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Carmen is a specialist in business units management and projects and teams development and organization.

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