29 August, 2019

everis Ingeniería will incorporate the Moverick digital platform into Bío Bío public transport (Chile)

everis Ingeniería will implement Moverick to provide a digital platform for public transport that operates the rural routes in the Bío Bío region.
30 November, 2018

Taking steps towards aquaculture 4.0

Plastic pollution, overexploitation of natural resources, rising sea levels, climate change, etc. All this clearly causes alarm about the state of the planet.
26 September, 2018

everis Ingeniería joins Forética

We are pleased to announce that everis Ingeniería has officially joined Forética, the top corporate social responsibility and sustainability association for companies and professionals in Spain and Latin America.
2 August, 2018

Logistics, one of the keys to expanding markets

The rapidly changing global economic environment spurs the need to redefine processes in businesses and societies to adapt to new production, technology and security trends.
24 July, 2018

The challenges of Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategies (ISUDS)

The Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategies (ISUDS) are the result of implementing the Europe 2020 strategy to the field of urban development.
24 July, 2018

The Moverick solution implemented in Villarrica (Chile)

The people of the Chilean city of Villarrica (Araucanía region) can already enjoy the benefits of Moverick in the town’s bus network.

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