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In everis Ingeniería, we are committed to the environment and we work to help our clients meet their present needs without negatively interfering with those of future generations, promoting the sustainable development of all types of infrastructures and buildings.

We advise our clients in obtaining the main national and international certifications (LEED, BREEAM, VERDE, WELL) and, among other services, we perform energy simulations, lighting studies, acoustic and indoor air quality audits, and management of the set-up of the facilities.

Main Activities

Sustainable construction

We develop consultancy and advisory work in the design and construction of sustainable buildings, accompanying our clients in parallel in achieving the most outstanding certifications at an international level.

This service is aimed at both new buildings and major rehabilitation works as well as buildings in use for their management and maintenance, and is developed in all areas of construction.



  • LEED BD+C (new work and restorations).
  • LEED ID+C (implantations and locations).
  • LEED EBOM (buildings in use).
  • LEED for Homes (residential).
  • BREEAM ES New Construction.
  • BREEAM ES In Use.
  • BREEAM ES Housing.
  • BREEAM International.
  • EDGE
  • Green Due Diligence

Associated technical and engineering studies:

  • Energy simulations (HULC, HAP, Design Builder).
  • Feasibility studies of renewable energies.
  • Building Life Cycle Analysis.
  • Analysis of the cost of the building life cycle.
  • Light calculations (natural light, artificial light).
  • Hydrological studies of the land plot.
  • Ecological studies of the land plot.
  • Sustainable mobility plans.
  • Studies of thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • Ecological reports

Smart and sustainable infrastructures and cities

The application of the concept of sustainable construction to the creation of urban facilities and developments allows us to help our clients to eliminate the impacts on the environment and contribute in this way to human well-being.

At everis Ingeniería we develop Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategies (ISUDS) and participate in its implementation, accompanying the municipalities in the process of transformation into smart and sustainable cities applying national and international methodologies.


Intelligent and sustainable infrastructures:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Design.
  • Integrated Strategies of Sustainable Urban Development.
  • ENVISION certification.
  • BREEAM Urbanisms Certification.

Smart cities projects:

  • Smart Cities Transformation
  • Smart Services

Commissioning & testing

Once the design of buildings and sustainable facilities has been carried out, and after its execution, it is of great importance to configure the systems correctly and verify that the facilities actually work as they were conceived.

The commissioning & testing area of ​​everis Ingeniería offers a management service for set-up tasks in accordance with the main international sustainability certifications (LEED and BREEAM). This involves the programming and supervision of the activities prior to commissioning, the commissioning itself and the subsequent checks, being able to provide advice in the design and execution phases of the installations.

Likewise, we carry out post-commissioning tests that include the control of indoor air quality, the noise index in installations and the evaluation of interior lighting, among others.


Set-up management:

  • Facilities set up.
  • Commissioning Authority (CxA) LEED.
  • BREEAM set-up management.
  • Technical audit of the building.


  • Testing and balancing.
  • Internal air quality audits (Tª, HR, CO, CO2, NOx).
  • Thermography
  • Light audit.
  • Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Water quality.
  • Characterization of the envelope (U-value test).

Acoustic evaluation in the building

The everis Ingeniería team has established itself as a reference in the development of studies and advisory projects in matter of noise and vibration control. In addition to our services in environmental acoustics and transport and industrial infrastructures, we have developed an important work in the market of unique architectural acoustics, both in the buildings and in the acoustic conditioning of premises, taking care of carrying out prediction studies and acoustic testing.

We also developed the design and evaluation of warning systems for the population in case of emergency, adapting the methodologies used in PA equipment in large areas of public concurrence with the experience and simulation and measurement tools, in order to guarantee the intelligibility of the messages PA systems and the sound reception of the evacuation siren according to the adaptation of the UNE-EN 60849:2002 regulation.


Acoustics in singular architecture (auditoriums, theaters, hotels, etc.)

  • Design of insulation and interior conditioning.
  • Noise control

Audiovisual aids

  • Premises and installations design.
  • Turnkey project

Acoustics in urbanisms, environment and infrastructures

  • Strategic noise maps.
  • Screens and vibrations studies.

Acoustics in industry

  • Processes noise control studies.
  • Monitoring

Evacuation PA systems

  • Evaluation of message intelligibility.
  • Test and certification.

Contact for the Sustainability Area

Héctor Martínez

Manager of the Sustainability Area

Hector is the manager of the Sustainability Area of everis Ingeniería, a team he joined in 2011. Industrial Engineer and professor of several masters, Hector is a specialist in mechanical installations engineering, energy efficiency and sustainability (BREEAM advisor and LEED AP).

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